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DefinitionX Official forum&server rules
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 DefinitionX Official forum&server rules

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PostSubject: DefinitionX Official forum&server rules   Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:04 am

Article 1: Staff

Section 1: Ingame Staff

Subsection 1: Directors (Managers)

Director's job: The first job of a Director is "Coding" the server and making sure the system is working correctly.
The second job is choosing the staff'. Directors have final say in all matters, respect them!
The reasons to contact a Directors are as follows:

1. To report a staff.
2. To Report a Huge Bug in the system.
3. Very complicated Questions or Issues that can not be answered/resolved by a Manager/Director.

Subsection 3: Administrators

Administrator's job: An Administrator is there for stronger Punishments.
An administrator is able to "IP Ban" and "IP Mute" when it's necessary, unlike a Moderator.
The second part of their job is to watch the Moderators and teach them how to do their job.
Administrators have the authority of Moderators, Moderators should respect and listen to them.
These members shall be contacted for these reasons:

1. To report a Moderator.
2. If you see an advertiser. (Administrators are allowed to ipban or ipmute advertisers on sight.)
3. You can contact an Administrator if you need to talk to a CoS.
4. If you want to get unbanned/unmuted and have posted an appeal on the forum.
5. If you are dealing with general ingame account Issues. (such as glitched accounts)
6. If you have a question a Moderator is unable to answer.

Subsection 4: Moderators

Moderator's job: A Moderator's job is to simply to moderate and help players.
Moderators are there to answer your questions and help the server with simple problems.
The biggest job of a Moderator is to mute, ban, warn and jail.
Moderators shall be contacted for these reasons:

1. To report a Player.
2. To ask a simple question regarding the server.
3. To Help with simple account issues. (The forums is an excellent place to be helped also)
4. If you want to contact an Administrator.
5. If you need help with something, such as a quest, prices, commands, ...

Section 2: Forum Staff

Subsection 1: Managers

Owners job is to keep the forums updated with announcements of what's going on in the in-game aspect of the game, with updates to items, quests, npcs etc. They have the ability to change anything they want on the forums through the Administrative Panel, including buttons, backgrounds and players ranks. They have full control of the forums and in-game, but their main job isn't to do with the forums, but to fully code the in-game aspect of the game. These players will have ability to be moderator in the chatbox also, this will allow the staff to moderate the chatbox with commands which are set out in the staff discussion section.

Subsection 2: Forum Development

The main aim is to update the forums and keep up to date with certain bugs and glitches which could be found in the forums and fix it through the administrative panel. The Forum Developer has full access to moderate all the threads on the forums and is able to promote/demote people if necessary. This player is able to create and edit ranks, and have full access to the forum additions. This player needs to be consulted before any big forum additions/editing is made. This player will have ability to be moderator in the chatbox also, this will allow the staff to moderate the chatbox with commands which are set out in the staff discussion section.

Subsection 4: Administrators

This player has full ability to moderate all the threads on the forums, and overlooks the Server Supports and the Forum Moderators. These players will have full access to the Administrative Panel to make simple changes to the forum (this could change in the future). Their main job is to overlook the moderators and server support, and to aid them if they need help at any time. This player can lock, move, merge etc on all threads on the forums. Administrators will have ability to be moderator in the chatbox also, this will allow the staff to moderate the chatbox with commands which are set out in the staff discussion section.

Subsection 5: Moderators

This player has full ability to moderate all the threads on the forums, and their main job is to infract players. They can lock, move, merge etc every post on the forums, and they look after the server supports on the forums themselves. Their main job is to moderate the entire forums, and sent reports to administrators+ once a player has hit three infractions on the forums. Every staff from here will have ability to be moderator in the chatbox also, this will allow the staff to moderate the chatbox with commands which are set out in the staff discussion section.

Subsection 6: Server Support

This player has limited access to moderate threads, and can moderate threads in the General Discussion, Server Discussion, Tech Support, Suggestions, Goals and Achievements and the off-topic sections. This players main objective is to moderate these threads and infract, move and lock threads if necessary, they must sent a report to administrators+ when a player has hit three infractions. These players will have ability to be moderator in the chatbox also, this will allow the staff to moderate the chatbox with commands which are set out in the staff discussion section.

Section 3: Staff behavior

Behave in a polite way. All staff must comply with the rules as well! If not, regular players have the right
to report you (if they have proof of this) without getting punished.

Section 4: Procedures

Subsection 1: In-game procedures

The procedure for dealing with a rule violation in-game is as follows:
1. Verbal Warning
2. Verbal Warning followed by warn
3. Mute/Jail (depending on violation type)
4. If violations continue:
5. Mute/Jail, warn and defer to an admin or co-owner
6. Ban or for major offenses ipmute or ipban

Subsection 2: Forum Procedures

The procedure for dealing with a rule violation on the forums is as follows:
1. Verbal Warning.
2. Second Verbal warning and an infraction if necessary (depending on the seriousness of the offence).
3. First or Second Infraction, depending on situation after Step 2.

From here, infractions will be given until three infractions are given, then in the situation reports, post the reasoning behind each infraction, and wait until an administrator of the forums can ban the player for a specified amount of time.

Section 5: Staff Abuse

Any staff that abuses their power in a method that is harmful to normal players/other staff/DefinitionX shall be dealt with in the following manner:
1. Verbal Warning and Reprimand
2. Another Verbal Warning.
3. Suspension of Powers (not often used).
4. Demotion
5. ::ban

Article 4: General Rules and Info

Section 1: Ingame Chat and Forum

The rules for the Ingame Chat and Forum are as follows:
1. Keep Spamming to a minimum and don't post ENTIRELY off-topic. If anybody spams multiple times, then a warning should be given.
Spam on the forums is making posts containing only some small word(s) or posting completely off-topic.
This is either to gain post count or to troll. Some examples:
- People posting "bump" to bump own threads.
- Completely posting off-topic.
- Posting nonsense such as "auipfbapifbrfapb-lol".
Spamming is only allowed in the Off-Topic section of the forum, nowhere else!

2. Do not advertise the buy or sale of any real world good.
This includes everything related to real life money.

3. Do not advertise for buy or sale Runescape Accounts/Runescape items/Runescape cash.

4. Respect the Staff

5. Do not ask for real world information from any player you do not know in the real world.

6. Please keep arguing (flaming) to a minimum, this also includes trolling.

7. DefinitionX does not tolerate spamming of advertisements anywhere within DX-community.
You cannot advertise the following:
* A fellow website, or another community.
* A Youtube channel.
* Servers, Runescape, or any other game.
* Fansites (Unless it's DX approved, Also must be affiliated.)
If caught spamming or advertising the above, without a warrant, a moderator will jail you, ask you questions
and either mute or punish you in any other way. Depends on the situation. On the forum this will lead to a forum ipban.

8. Signatures should not take up more than 1 screen. Don't overflow our forum with useless pictures!

9. Nude pictures or any other explicit material as avatar/profile picture/signature isn't tolerated either.
Posting them is obviously against the rules as well. For Pete's sake, we have children playing this game.

10. Impersonating a staff member will resolve in an instant ban/ipban.

11. Glitching through walls/noclipping is a reportable offence as well. Players that are found doing this will recieve
a ::warn on their first offence and some explanation in jail. If they do it again after this warning you have the right to
ban them for a day or two.

12. Threatening to shut down the server resolves into an immediate ipban.

13. Please use the yell channel only when it's necessary, conversations should be held in the regular chat or over
private messages.

14. Multi logging, using more than 1 character at one time, to gain an unfair advantage towards other players isn't allowed
either. First a warning shall be given, the next offence will resolve in a 24h ban.

15. Please keep swearing to a minimum, no excessive swearing allowed otherwise action will be taken. Also please don't direct swearing towards people. We don't mind swearing, we just don't want to look at it all the time.

Section 2: Common Courtesy

Please behave in a civil manner. Do not make fun of people if they have trouble with English or the game in general.

Section 3: Glitching and Duping

-to be written-

Section 4: Appeals and Reports

Subsection 1: Appeal a hacked/muted/banned account or loss of password

In order to receive any account support at all, the user must register a forum account, preferably with the
name of the forum account being the same as the in-game name. If the name is not available, include this
information in your forum signature, or in a text box provided. In order to receive support you will need to
post in the correct section with the given format (stickied thread) and need to wait until a staff member replies.
Patience is the key.

Subsection 2: Report a player

At every step, please take screenshots of the violations, and then file a report in the proper section on the forums:
Month/Day/Year/Time DFST
Violator's Name
Brief Description of the violation
Name of Staff who dealt with the issue
Links to any attached evidence.

Section 5: Trading

-to be written-

Article 6: Security

Section 1: Real life questions

During your time in the DX Multiplayer Community Game + Website, You should never be forced to
answer questions that violate your real-life privacy, contact information, address or any other
statements that allow anyone to know anything important about your off-screen everyday life.
We here at DefinitionX Have programs/methods that allow us to prevent or in some cases, stop,
Rude, and non-needing members, from ever making you feel uncomfortable as a single member.
You report these so-called violators, either in the report abuse within the server game.
Must be logged on or if you enjoy being on the forums most of the time. We have 'report a rule-breaker'
section within the forums' boards. Once reported, a part of the staff, who deal with the 'rules of conduct' violators,
will get to your report. (Make sure you have detailed information about the illegal member, or else we have little to work from).

Section 2: Identity

In this Community, we should not reveal our identity.(The rules will not prevent you from sharing information with other people, it is just stating to be cautious of who the information is being given to.)
For there are undetected pedophiles that use your identity, or image as a lead.
Do not ever post the following into your signatures or anywhere else on the forums.(Unless the person is trusted)

* Facebook, Myspace, E.t.c.
* A picture of your address/house.
* Your address (Even if they're in a different country, which isn't always true)

We will never ask for your full name, or family member's as well.
If asked these kind of 'privacy' questions, please inform us right away! (For your own safety)

Section 3: Account security

Your Website & Server Account is safe with us.
Our trusted Coders and Developers will never access your account
unless necessary & requested.

Never use your DefinitionX password(s) as any other account password.
Only trust DX-Ultimate RSPS - Community, any other Fan site, or anything else
will not be trustworthy and will have their own Rules.

As stated on the website it's self, DefinitionX does not supply identity information.

Section 4: Recovering your account

There are Several ways to approach this.
To recover one's account involves Character files most of the time.
If you're having trouble recovering your account try the following.

1. Approach an Manager with a patient, and respectful way. Ask him/she how they can assist you
in this type of situation. once responded, follow directions and be patient! (Very patient)
2. If you cannot get to an owner due to their job, use a method on forums.
(Make a detailed and informational appeal for an account recovery. Specific staff will get to you and resolve it)

You can also

- Contact a moderator or administrator and request an account recovery.
(They will hopefully forward your patient message to the specific part of staff that
deals with account recoveries. Note: They are not messengers. Do not abuse your requests.)

Note: Impatient and rude members will not be submitted into account recoveries. They will
have to learn to respect the authority among them, then they will be treated respectfully.
Punishments will be necessary, if continued, you will be suspended off the server client.
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PostSubject: Re: DefinitionX Official forum&server rules   Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:25 am

W00T Nederlandse staff owner:D
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PostSubject: Re: DefinitionX Official forum&server rules   Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:12 pm

a really great set of rules here and a very good job indeed.thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: DefinitionX Official forum&server rules   

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DefinitionX Official forum&server rules
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